Executive Desk

Nilu Ahasan


Massage from Chairman

Nilu Ahasan is running private limited companies of rangpur group as a successful chairman since 1999 and presently holding the chairmanship of rangpur group and anan group as well. She came from a reputed family and her remarkable management skill helps two groups of companies to be in right track. Her dynamic personality and hard labor for the development of those groups always encourage the whole management team as well as the staff and members. Under her chairmanship we will go beyond our dream.

Massage from Managing Director

Regarding our business policy, we aim to expand our market share by stepping up the quality growing range of skills with main features that outperform competitors production market, where we hold the top share, we will strive to further increase our presence by continuing to address customer needs. To achieve goals, three values are vital in every field: “curiosity” that drives us beyond limits, “affinity” for accepting new experience, “communication skills” for consolidating knowledge, both within and outside the company. Bearing these principles in mind, we will further strengthen our ability to provide production solution and continue contributing to various products in the realms of both industry and fashion society.

Md. Nazmul Ahasan Sarkar

Managing Director